The Equitable Investment Partner

Equitos is the equitable venture capital investment partner to visionary entrepreneurs and extraordinary teams that drive scientific “Bio Innovation” across the health care eco-system and life sciences value chain.

About Us

Our entrepreneurially diversified and differentiated specialty partner skillsets allow us to capture value created by long term bio-revolutionary trends affecting the health care value chain.

Equitos was created to address the need for targeted capital and value-added strategic support of companies around health care companies’ critical phases of development, during which they must prove their value.

The Equitos foundation of entrepreneurial expertise, scientific insight, and cross-asset class investing experience drives advances in life science technologies and solutions in the areas of prediction, prevention, and treatment of disease that enable transformative healthcare outcomes for patients.

The Equitos evidence based multi-stage investment strategy allows for providing seed funding to startups, and to lead or syndicate private, IPO, and follow-on financings for its portfolio companies, thus allowing management teams to build their company and drive value creation from inception through commercialization.

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